FaceCrypt – your own personal password and data vault with iProov facial recognition and encryption

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Face Lock

The latest version of FaceCrypt includes iProov, the most secure biometric… Read more


The Vault Door

Entry behind this FaceCrypt vault door gains access to your valuable and sensitive data… Read more


Access Methods

FaceCrypt includes multi option methods to access your data vault. Choose between… Read more

Now with touch ID support

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Secure Browser

Access your favourite web sites directly from the password box in complete privacy by… Read more


FaceCrypt Vault

Simulating a real vault with safe boxes, you keep all your valuable and private data here… Read more


Password Generator

How often do you have to change your password especially if… Read more



Data fields are fully customisable to your choice. You can add, delete… Read more

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In The Press

FaceCrypt CEO Jeremy Rose on using facial recognition to keep information locked down.

Customer Testimonials

Works great. Facecrypt recognises my face every time. The best password and data vault app on the market with facial recognition.

- John R

Best Security App for iOS Devices. It prevents anyone to get access to my private data including Passwords, Documents, Photos & Videos.

- Harry B

FaceCrypt is fast and works well even in low light. It’s definitely worth the money to add extra security to your iOS device.

- Torrance K

Just bought the Plus package. Very innovative app for security. Absolutely great iOS Application. Super fast face recognition.

- Les A

Product FAQs

Why Facial Recognition Technology?

Because your iPhone and/or iPad have a built in high quality camera, there is no additional hardware required to utilise iProov Facial Recognition technology. Face Recognition is a very user friendly form of biometric authentication and offers exceptionally high security identification results for this type of data vault application.

Can I add other security beyond iProov?

iProov provides such high security that you do not need any other locks to FaceCrypt vault. However, they are available should you so wish.

FAQs Main Page

Can I secure specific applications?

You can only secure FaceCrypt application. This way your data is held securely and encrypted through one portal. Like a safety deposit box – you normally only keep this in one bank for simplicity and conformity and is much simpler to remember with everything in one place.

Why do I need a secure data vault?

Mobile devices are simply not that secure. Even with fingerprint or passwords to gain access, data can still be compromised. There are many published reports highlighting the risks if the device is lost, stolen or even when wiped before being sold. The only way to ensure data protection is with a secure & encrypted vault.