The Story and History of FaceCrypt

Let’s Face it…

There’s way too much important information on our iPhones and iPads to be left unprotected, or poorly protected. Losing this information would be disastrous to our personal and professional life. This dire need for foolproof security meant designing a robust yet intuitive application that would provide impenetrable security, yet be easy to use. FaceCrypt developers answered the call by creating this application, available on the Apple App Store. This technology proved so valuable in positively identifying people that it became a recognised standard within its respective industries.

The FaceCrypt Team

The FaceCrypt team has years of experience building world-class biometric security applications used across the globe. When governments, police forces, prisons and corporations needed a system to swiftly and securely identify individuals, they turned to the people who currently make up the FaceCrypt team.
In the wake of iPhone and iPad and the revolution they ignited, smartphones and tablets found a prominent and permanent place in our personal and professional lives. Day-to-day tasks such as mobile payments, money transfers, and much more are done on these devices. As a result, the amount and importance of personal & professional data on these devices is also on the rise.
The team also identified that in addition to offering absolute security, biometrics should be transparent to the operator and should enhance the entire user experience.

Developing the Game-Changing Security App

We, the FaceCrypt team quickly realised the need for a security app that is a game changer just like the Apple devices for which they were designed. The idea was to use the user’s face as the ‘password’; biometric face recognition as a way of securing important data on iPhone and iPad.
We were able to pull off this bold undertaking as we combined code and creativity. We created the most secure data vault application using primarily facial recognition to access the vault while also giving the user a choice for additional preferred access methods. Whilst a number of password keeper and encrypted data applications already existed, none offered the robust protection and ease-of-use of secure biometrics.
We threw around many ideas regarding how the vault should look and what it should do. It was finally decided that we would replicate the concept of an actual physical vault with high security. This included individual box drawers that in their own right would contain additional security, such as encryption and data scrambling.

The Smiling Face of Security

FaceCrypt developers never lost sight of the fact that we needed to make the App as user friendly and as easy to use as possible. We made sure to include many features that a user would expect to manage the contents, such as sorting the data into preferred orders or moving data in and out of different ‘boxes’ in the ‘vault’. This resonated strongly with the FaceCrypt philosophy of creating the safest and simplest user experience in our apps for both personal and business users.
We are planning more features to improve the product and we believe we can only do that through you – the customer. This is why we left a unique suggestion box in FaceCrypt; please leave your feedback in this box, as many times as you please, please!

People Behind FaceCrypt

What are our credentials? The FaceCrypt development team is the best in the world and comprises experts who have developed leading high- level security biometric systems for prisons. You can’t get more secure than that! What’s the connection? In keeping your data safe and secure, like people, we make things work safely.

Pride & Passion – The FaceCrypt team are very proud and passionate about their work and strive to be and produce the best there is. They are already working on even more very innovative security features – please check back soon to find out more.

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